Rules of the Game

Transporter Bike

Just like Frank the Transporter, all good challenges need rules, so I have tried to set a few basic principles for this Challenge and will add to these as I go along.

More excitingly, I have also made an awesome spreadsheet to track my progress, to show how far remains, percentage splits of each activity and all sorts of fun!

1. Each month needs to contain at least two sessions of each activity (swim/bike/run). I have already realised the easier way to do this would be far more on the bike, so need to work out a system to make it fair, so will update this later.

2. As much training outdoor as possible (particularly in the warmer months…!).

3. Other activities will count. Some are obvious for working out mileage, such as hiking, rowing & cross-training. Based on how tired I feel afterwards, classes will count as 1 km per 10 mins (i.e. 6 kph), but there is a bit of scope here.

I am sure there will be more, so look out for more updates soon.


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