Viva Chile!

Map of Chile

One of the first questions here is ‘Why Chile?’, and there are a few reasons beyond the fact that it works pretty well as a name:

Firstly, my lovely wife Angela has family in Chile, and we have been fortunate enough to visit both last year, and will be returning again later this summer. As I am with my own Cornish roots, Ange is very proud of her heritage, and as a part of the world which is relatively unknown in the UK here we want to let people know what Chile has to offer.

Secondly, the distance works out really well for this adventure when broken down into weekly distances – enough to make it a real challenge, particularly when completed around a full time job, but at the same time not impossible. It also means I can track my progress by starting at the southern tip, and working out how far I am going each month or so on the map.

Finally, it’s natural geography fits well into the various activities I will be doing here, ranging from its long coastline for swimming, rowing, surfing & diving; long quiet roads for running & cycling; all the way though to ice fields, mountains, deserts and rain forests to complete the set. Chile really is a beautiful country, and maybe one day if I get the chance (and time) this would be a fantastic thing to do out there…


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