January Round Up: 292 km

Cape Horn to Punta ArenasWelcome Punta Arenas

How are things going so far? Well, since starting on New Year’s Day, I have completed 292 km of the challenge – which is 6.7% of the overall distance.

Among other things, this has involved 230 km on the bike and 24 km running. Less swimming than I wanted, but mainly due to the fact my outdoor pool is not open yet, so a steady start I guess, hopefully to ramp up over the coming months. I have also lost a few days due to illness (I am currently at home recovering after root canal treatment!), so I guess staying on the game will be key to achieving this. I have also managed to complete my ‘Dryathlon’ of no alcohol throughout January, which is more of a personal thing, but I guess is worth a mention too.

So where does Chile fit in? Well assuming I am starting at Cape Horn, the southernmost tip of both Chile and South America, travelling 292 km north puts me just outside Punta Arenas, the main city and capital of southern Patagonia. The area is famous for er… its penguins! And I am sure some other things.

And that is it for this month – I will keep updating, and have plenty of interesting topics to cover off lined up for February, so please keep an eye out and keep supporting me!


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