Six Nations Openers

Guinness 6 Nations

You may be wondering what this has to do with the Chile Challenge, but actually it has everything to do with it…

Not only is the Six Nations the greatest sporting competition tournament on the planet but it there are a lot of personal factors here too.

Firstly, it has a lot of similar values to my challenge – international competitiveness, close results & athletes at the pinnacle of their powers giving it their all (well…!)

Secondly, it is always great for racking up the miles. Indoor bike training in the winter can be pretty dull, but put back to back matches on and you have a good four hours of quality rugby to take your mind off things. Last year I was able to do 100 km without passing out with boredom in the gym, and just a few hours ago I knocked out 50 km during the opening match  to get February off to a flyer.

Finally, it is now my traditional first pint of the year. After getting through a dry January (hardest part was a week staying in London with a hotel bar…) I am now sitting watching Le Crunch (France v England for those who are more into soft sports like football) and enjoying a quality pint of bitter. Life does not get much better than this!


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