Kitting Out Part One – Swimming


Ask many Triathletes for their favourite elements of the sport, and many will admit it is the variety of equipment they have an excuse to buy! Yes, you can probably get into it with a swimsuit, borrowed bike and pair of trainers, but in reality once you get sucked into the world of multi-sport there is no way back…

So anyway, my next series of posts will be on the kit I am currently using as part of this challenge, and will keep this updated during the year as I get on. First up, swimming:

The above picture sums up most of what you need for an outdoor swim. Wetsuit is pretty much essential (in the UK anyway!), and my faithful Orca S2 has been good to me since my first ever open water tri-swim.  As well as the obvious not-freezing-to-death benefits, they offer increased buoyancy to keep you in a good swimming position, and some more expensive suits even offer features such as fancy arm panels to catch the water and make you swim even faster. Once you finish the swim, you generally need to be able to rip the suit off as fast as possible and get on your bike, so racers tend to also cover wrists, ankles and neck with plenty of lube to help out, which always makes an interesting start line to an event.

I also have various pairs of goggles depending on the conditions. Above I am modeling my Aquasphere Eagles. which are better for duller days (i.e. British summer) and have decent all round vision, but I also own a darker pair for sunny days, and also another set with purple lenses (I am not sure why really, but they look cool).

Most races tend to give you a snazzy hat to swim with, although I always seem to either end up with bright yellow or shocking pink. Someone did point out to me early on though, that if you did have difficulties, it would be better to be nice and high-viz than in a cool looking black hat at the bottom of the lake…

Next time – Bike Gear!


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