Indoor Triathlon

Indoor Tri

I don’t really want to be posting on every session this year, as it does not make for the most exciting read (although I am not sure who actually follows these…) but I thought it was worth making a note of a decent one today, my best of the year so far.

Given the amazing weather we have had so far this year I have been forced into extreme measures, and have invented (well claimed anyway) a kind of indoor sprint triathlon involving:

  • 1 km concept 2 row
  • 27 km bike (further than I meant to but I got carried away)
  • 5 km run
  • plus a 500 m swim thrown in at the end for good measure

I was not really timing it properly, and obviously did not run in a transition style (might have got some strange looks in the gym) but from what I can remember it took about 100 mins , so slightly faster than my time in my last outdoor sprint event – not too shabby for the first of the year, and plenty more to come!

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