Astonishing Fact of the Week!

Lands End Sign

I was listening to the radio the other day and heard about Davina’s outstanding achievement, completing a similar challenge to mine (although I started this one first, just saying!) with 500 miles of triathlons from Edinburgh to London – although fair play as hers was done in just 7 days…

It made me think, most people reading this (if there are any) will have a fair idea of the distance from say London to Edinburgh even if they have never done the journey itself, for example just driving a portion of the M1.

But in terms of a 4270 km Chile challenge, it is hard to put things into context, as far fewer people will have done something like this before. So I tried to think of some comparisons:

One way would be that it is just over 100 marathons (or 2 per week) – although obviously I am biking a fair portion so that is probably not the best…

Another would be that it is just under 20 Iron-distance triathlons, but no one I know has actually done one, so again not that helpful either…

So I resorted to the way I originally worked this out, the source of all knowledge, the mighty wikipedia: if you were wondering.

I then spent a while trying various other distances in an effort to find something easier to relate to, and it turns out that London to Moscow or Cairo are too short, and London to Dubai or New York are too long. No luck there then.

Then a day or so later I had a flash of inspiration, and discovered a truly astonishing fact (hence the title of this entry): Randomly putting in London to the North Pole, turns out it is 4281 km – basically the exact the same distance! See this link for proof:

So there you have it. If running, swimming and biking the length of Chile means nothing to you, then just swap it for London to the North Pole! In fact this could have been called North Pole challenge, although realistically I think that is probably well trademarked, I don’t have any picture of me to put up, and to be honest it just does not sound as cool!

PS. The Lands End picture is not really relevant, but I love this sign and it looked good. Also my Dad used to be one of the official photographers here (#claimtofame!).

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