Music of the Month: February

Rocky 4 MontageIMG_1500

It is time to come clean here and admit to what really makes up a large part of my iTunes playlist, and tends to be the one thing that is guaranteed to keep me going when I start to feel tired on a long run or bike ride. Yes, it is dodgy 80’s action film soundtracks!

And if we learned one thing from these films, it was that real men had mullets and massive biceps, and whilst you might think that Arnie and Sly might rather arm wrestle than run a triathlon, there is a good link here. These action powerhouses basically invented training montages to show the hero’s progress quickly and ensure they could maximise the action scenes (in the words of Team America, ‘going from just a beginner to a pro’) they would usually accompany scenes of tough workouts, hard runs and plenty of tears – exactly like the Chile Challenge.

The ultimate example for me are the two main montages from Rocky IV, which are now part of my tradition to watch before every big race to get in the zone. I even managed to watch it on the way to Easter Island last year (see photo above) so even more reason to highlight as the number one for this month’s music feature. But any of the below will inevitably feature numerous times during the course of this challenge, so I have no shame in admitting my love for the following:

  • No Easy Way Out – Rocky IV
  • Danger Zone – Top Gun
  • You’re the Best Around – Karate Kid
  • The Heat is On – Beverly Hills Cop
  • Push it to the Limit – Scarface
  • The Touch – Transformers
  • We Fight For Love – Commando
  • Fight to Survive – Bloodsport
  • Nobody Rides for Free – Point Break
  • You Could be Mine – T2

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