Spanish Blues

El MariachiIMG_1480

Tough one today. Not only have I been ill for the most of the weekend, so unable to train (just 11 km to go this week to hit my monthly target for February) but half my family is currently in South America – my Mum has been in Argentina & Uruguay for the last few weeks and my Sister landed in Guatemala yesterday morning – and we have nearly 6 months until we can get out there!

I guess the closest I will be getting in the next few months is my weekly Spanish class at Birmingham Uni; something of a necessity after last time we visited Chile, where I was sure my GCSE level Spanish would get us by, despite the best part of 15 years since my last lesson. To be fair I was getting on alright at first, but the decision was made for me one evening in a tapas bar, where I ordered (from a list of 9 dishes, see pic above) 8 different plates with everything except the pate, and the camarero instead brought us 8 portions of pate. He did see the funny side, but to be fair you had to be there…

Coming from a family where your Mum is a Spanish teacher (at my own school no less) you would think the linguistic flair would pass on, but unfortunately neither Lucy nor I quite lived up to it, although funnily enough she is also now studying the language again after similarly falling in love with Latin America and spending six months last year on some of the Chile Challenge route, and they are probably both using it as I type.

But the next visit will be different, and by August my communication should be pretty spot on, particularly after the masterpiece I have written for this week’s homework: a 300 word essay on the fantastic film ‘El Mariachi’, which should win me a job at the Spanish equivalent of Empire or Total Film any day! So after 9 months learning to tell the pluperfect from the imperfect, I reckon this time should go a lot better, and who knows, if I do end up buying a watch (reloj) and it turns out to be broken, at least I will be able to write a damn near perfect letter of complaint in Spanish to the store manager…

PS. Mum & Lucy, if you are reading this out there, hope you are having a fantastic time!


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