February Round Up: 373 km

Bienvenido Torres Del Paine

So despite this being the shortest month of the challenge, I thought I would push things and leave my monthly target the same, and you know what? I have only gone and beaten it! 373 km completed against a target of 356 – 104.9% of my goal (incidentally the same as the frequency of my favourite radio station XFM) – which makes up for the slight shortfall last month.

Into the serious breakdown bit: I managed 312 km on the bike (30% more than January) with the longest being a 60 km session, which I am looking to push towards the big 100 km as the year goes on. Running was also up at 28 km, and hopefully as the weather starts to pick up, so will my ability to get out without some sort of monsoon as a distraction. Swimming was unfortunately only 1 km, a poor showing, thwarted somewhat by the pool being packed every time I tried, but again, this should pick up once the outdoor pool opens in the next month or so.

In terms of progress, this puts me at 665 km of the challenge completed, around 15%, and lands me bang in the middle of the Torres del Paine national park, having passed through the city of Puerto Natales on the way. In terms of getting around here, it would theoretically be possible, but a hell of a journey through ice fjords and glaciers, and I think even with my trusty Orca wetsuit the sea temperature would probably be a bit chilly.

The park itself is one of the most famous in Patagonia (think Snowdonia) and your running partners could be anything from guanacos to pumas. The place is a stunner being voted in the top five most beautiful places in the world by National Geographic last year. A truly amazing location, and somewhere I really hope to be able to see myself one day.


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