100 km Beaten!

100 km

As I have said before, I don’t really want to be reporting on every session I do this year as it won’t make for the most exciting reading, but I had to put a special note after today’s – a full on 100 km bike ride – a new PB and also the furthest of this year yet by some way.

I may have mentioned earlier I now have a bit of a tradition to smash it on the bike during the Six Nations games, whilst we are still waiting for the weather to pick up, and today was no exception. Setting off just before the Ireland Italy match (featuring the legendary Brian O’Driscoll who will be featuring in this blog shortly) it took me all the way through to half time in the Scotland France game.

Yes, it was training indoors and I am keen to get out when I can, but this is a great way to prepare for the longer events coming up this year without having to put my life into someone else’s hands on the Birmingham roads. I was pretty happy with the whole thing, having done this once at about the same time last year, it went a lot better this time and showed the training so far this year was worth it. A few facts for those who are interested:

  • Distance – 100 km
  • Time – 3 hours 27 mins (PB)
  • Equivalent Distance – Bromsgrove to Bristol or Santiago to Valparaiso
  • Percentage Monthly Target – 28%
  • Calories Burned – Approx 2000 kcal
  • Fast Food Index – 4 x Big Macs
  • Nutrition Strategy – 4 x 500 ml bottles carb drinks; 4 x energy gels; 1 x FGS milkshake (more on these in another blog)

So there you go, a great session, here’s to more to come during the year!


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