Ten signs you may be doing the Chile Challenge


One aspect of long distance training is that you end up with far too much time to think about things, and it was whilst on a particularly long ride the other day that I came up with today’s blog. So if you find yourself exhibiting a number of the following symptoms, you may well be doing the Chile Challenge yourself…

1. You have a Gold account at Wiggle (online triathlon supplies) and spend your free time collecting ludicrously over-sized boxes from the sorting depot who are apparently incapable of following your instructions to leave them by the front door.

2. Most of your food / clothing / music purchases so far this year have been based around how much they will help with your challenge, with your iPod going straight to the Rocky soundtrack whenever you switch it on (as if by magic).

3. You get laughed at by your wife for wearing strange items of clothing you would otherwise not dare wear in public –  such as compression tights or padded cycling shorts – and your washpile is a never-ending mountain of gym tops, shorts and socks.

4. You spend so much time on your bike you permanently look like you have just walked off the set of Back to the Future Part 3 (ok I was struggling to think of a suitable film metaphor here!)

5. You are frequently still awake at 3am having apparently overdosed on some insanely named caffeine based supplement that is supposed to give you more energy during longer sessions but actually just makes you into an insomniac.

6. You worry about the potential damage a takeaway pizza could do to your 10k time, but have it anyway with the justification you will burn it off the next day. On the other hand, you happily knock back sports nutrition products and consider a three pack of energy gels a reasonable meal substitute…

7. You have subscriptions to most, if not all of the following magazines – Outdoor Fitness, 220 Triathlon, Men’s Running, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, which you have justified to yourself not only for the additional motivation, but by the pile of free gifts you have not actually used yet.

8. You are more proud of the spreadsheet you designed to track your mileage and PBs than any of the ones you have made at work, and your colleagues wonder why you always end up taking the stairs to the 3rd floor rather than the lift.

9. Most of the phrases you use in your Spanish homework revolve around ‘triatlón’, ‘natación’ and ‘ciclismo’ (although are usually also totally irrelevant to the actual topic being discussed which confuses your lecturer no end).

10. You worry that despite what some people tell you, the only people who actually read your blog are your wife, your mum & your sister. The only way I would know more is if maybe someone actually commented on one of my posts. We will see…!


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