Music of the Month: March

Back to Reality

The other week I picked up a second hand CD (looks like a shiny drinks coaster kids) called Back to Reality, which is full of 80s & early 90s dance tunes. The best name I can apply to it is Old School (I am not cool enough to use a K in that name) and it takes me back to school discos, common rooms and summer holidays. To take things to another level, a week or so later I found myself in a club in London for my sister Lucy’s 30th Birthday (it was literally below a sweet shop – the things you see in the big city…) and to cut a long story short I now have some hazy memories of dancing to Snoop Dogg and other tunes from this era with my Dad whilst drinking jager bombs!

As well as dancing, these songs are also pretty perfect for working out to and it is no coincidence they make up a lot of the playlist for Body Combat, but from a personal view these give me a lot of inspiration and certainly helped me get through my 100 km ride, so I therefore feel it is worth dedicating this month’s blog to the genre. In no particular order, my songs of March are:

  • Ride on Time – Black Box
  • Set You Free – N-Trance
  • Let Me Be Your Fantasy – Baby D
  • Rhythm is a Dancer – Snap!
  • Gonna Make You Sweat – C&C Music Factory
  • Good Vibration – Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch (aka Mark Wahlberg)
  • Can’t Touch This – Mc Hammer
  • Get Ready for This – 2 Unlimited
  • Push It – Salt n Pepa
  • The Bomb – Kenny Dope

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