Here Comes The Sun – for Mum!

This post is dedicated to the most loyal supporter of my blog, and hitherto the only of you to actually comment on one of my posts so far (hint hint dear readers…). As if it is needed, there is of course another good reason in that today is Mother’s Day. So this one is for you Mum, I hope you enjoy it!

Today is one of the most important days in training for another reason, in that it marks the start of British Summer Time, meaning even more chance to train later into the evenings and hopefully even a bit of sun, as opposed to head down cycling on the turbo in a darkened living room, which seems to have comprised a significant portion of my training so far this year. To mark this momentous occasion, I have just returned from a particularly satisfying 10k part trail run around Bromsgrove, exploring some new routes and enjoying the sunshine.

On that basis, today seems a great opportunity to follow up my recent “Ten Things” blog, with a special edition based on my indoor training experiences of the past few months. So once again, you know you are doing the Chile Challenge in Winter when…

  1. Your wife is not happy that your turbo trainer set up takes up half the lounge and has told you off more than once after stubbing her toe on it.
  2. You have spent inordinate amounts of time worrying about trivial matters such as: how many K’s you should allocate to a combat class by trying to relate to how knackered you feel after the same time running (8k), should cross-training count towards the running target (yes) or rowing to the swim target (no).
  3. You spend so long at the gym your wife assumes you are having some sort of affair, but in reality you are far to busy and the closest you come is the hours spent on the middle stationary by the window.
  4. You always remember too late why you try and avoid the gym on a Saturday morning when you can’t get to your favourite machine as there is some joker sat on it reading the weekend papers.
  5. You actually have a favourite machine at the gym…
  6. You receive confused looks for staring at the guy next to you (in reality wondering where he got his trainers / top / etc  from) and are actively considering shaving your legs to be more aerodynamic on the bike.
  7. You get annoyed that  the car park is particularly rammed on one side with members spending literally ages parking their 4x4s as close to the door as possible (sometimes even half on the curb) despite the other side being empty and about a 30 second longer walk. You are at the gym for xxxx sake; if you can’t traverse the car park this is not the place for you!
  8. You get ill, but then worry more about how many miles being ill will set you back in the Chile Challenge, than the thought of actually being ill itself.
  9. The high point of a week’s work course in London was the onsite gym opening at 6am so you could get there first think to start racking up the miles (just like Stallone in Tango & Cash).
  10. You have nearly fallen off your stationary bike whilst desperately trying to save ideas for your next blog into your phone (in your best Alan Partridge dictating ideas for a second series style).

Gym escalators


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