March Round Up: 438 km

Coyhaique bike

As I said on Sunday, the end of March brings plenty of things to look forward to for the Chile Challenge: warmer weather, lighter evenings and more chances to train!

Despite that, the first three months of the year have proved a great start to the challenge, with March in particular being the strongest so far clocking up over 100 km per week. As always the bulk of this has been on the bike (345 km), but a few other areas have seen some diversification such as 3 combat classes (@8 km each) and the brick sessions I mentioned last week which saw some extra running tacked on.

As a round up of the first quarter, my figures are as follows:

  • Swim – 4 km – Well below expectations, but should come back in the next few months with the outdoor pool
  • Bike – 887 km – More than I ever imagined and 80% of distance so far, with PBs falling nearly every week
  • Running – 77 km – Again, more one to pick up with the weather (much as I love the treadmill..) but going ok
  • Other – 136 km – The surprise package, but I need to vary things to avoid going crazy and spread the pain around my body!
  • Total – 1104 km or 25.9% of the challenge completed so far

So where does this fit into Chile I hear you ask? Well to misquote Charlie Sheen’s Dad in Apocalypse Now (I loved them both in Wall street by the way): ‘Patagonia, shit I am still in Patagonia’. But that is alright, it is a very long part of the world, and I only expect to come out the other side in May.

Right now I have  just reached the city of Coyhaique, a fairly remote place even by Patagonian standards that you probably would be best to get to by on a bike anyway. With a population of around 50,000 and … err… well it has a ‘happy rock’ where people go to party according to the mighty Wiki, and I am sure some other exciting things, but it is mostly about the views.

That said, it is also the place to visit the unique and stunning Marble Cathedral, at General Carrera Lake, the second largest in South America, and no doubt a pretty amazing place to swim in the open water if you ever had the chance! In all seriousness this place looks stunning, and if you have never seen it I strongly recommend looking up some pictures until my next update at the end of April (many thanks to whoever took this photo).

Coyhaique Marble Cathedral


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