A Serious Note

Today’s blog will not be about the challenge, but instead I thought it would be appropriate to say a few words on last night’s terrible news about the severe earthquake off the coast of Northern Chile.

Chile QuakeOf course it is still early on, and it will take time to understand what the full impact will be once those evacuated return to their homes, but hopefully the worst of the quake is now past. This is a part of the world which is fairly used to natural disasters, as the proximity of the  tectonic plates down the coastline make this one of the most susceptible regions to seismic and volcanic activity on the planet.

This area means a lot to me personally, as my father in law is from the Antofagasta region, as well as the fact that the finish line for the Chile Challenge will be in Arica. Furthermore, in August of last year I was actually in this region, just south of Iquique in San Pedro de Atacama, and fell in love with it so much that I will be returning again later this year. While I was there the local people could not have been more welcoming, which only makes it all the more difficult to hear of this, however I have no doubt they will show their strength and pull through together to get through this.



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