First rule of Chile Challenge is…

  • “First rule of Fight Club is…”
  • “Smokey this is not ‘Nam… there are rules”
  • “Follow the rules Frank”
  • “That’s a pretty good fuckin’ rule”
  • “The rules are, there ain’t no rules”

Walter rules

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, some great characters have quotable lines within their films about the rules they follow. In the above cases Tyler, Walter, Frank and Stiffer all have a clear outlook on life, and it serves them well. As the bad guy from Grease demonstrates with the last one though, if you have no rules, you lose the race!

So as promised, I have been working on new ideas for the Chile Challenge over the last few months to mix things up. One of the biggest problems I have had so far is with swimming. As much as I enjoy it – for a start it was the reason I got into triathlon – it makes life difficult with this challenge due to the fact I cannot swim as fast as, say, a shark.

So whilst I can cycle 30 km in an hour, or run around 10 km, I can only swim at around 3 kph, and by the time you throw in time to change and the insane business of the pool whenever I want to go (see earlier blogs for more on this) has meant I have only swum 4 km in the first three months of the year (less than 1% of total distance), and I have concerns that it will affect my overall fitness and also race times if this continues to be low.

So I have decided to add a new rule, timing it to coincide with the opening of the outdoor pool at my gym. So from the beginning of April to the end of October (when it closes again) every 1 km I swim will count as 5 km towards the challenge. In the grand scheme of things this should not affect too much, but helps me out a lot, and in the last 9 days I have managed to get 3 km completed already, which translates as 15 km to the cause.

I have made a few other rules too in recent months, which are as follows:

  • Cross Training (elliptical training for my North American readers) will count towards Running total at par
  • Classes will count towards Other total at 8 kph
  • Unusual events (such as the Celtic night the other week) will be measured case-by case (although that also ended up as 8 km)

So that is it for now, but I am sure I will be back later in the year with some more rules to add!


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