What’s Up Doc?

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Last year I read an interesting book on Ironman Triathlons by a guy called Andy Holgate. One section that particularly got me was where he wrote about a gym induction which threw out various results saying he was too large, heavy, etc, yet he was able to complete some huge racing distances the instructors had probably never considered.

In my own job we have a biennial health check, which involves a morning in a fancy clinic doing all sorts of tests, presumably to ensure I am safe to sit behind a desk for close to 8 hours per day without keeling over. After the training I have been putting in so far this year I was pretty interested in the results, and to pay homage to Andy here I through I would set out some of the key sections to give an idea of what statistics can do, and see how they compare (NB. VO2 was not part of the test, so I had to work out myself).

  2012 Result 2014 Result Average for Age
BMI 28 27 20-25
Body Fat % 20% 19% 14-19%
Waist-Height Ratio 54 52 40-50
Resting Heart Rate 60 54 71-74
Blood Pressure 124 131 90-120
VO2 Max N/A 53 34-40
Activity Level 8 8 6

So what does this tell me? Well, unfortunately at 5’7 and 12.5 stone I am out of luck in the BMI stakes, although coming from a line of front row rugby forwards this was always a likelihood. On the plus side the results are improving, and hopefully by the summer I should be sub 12 stone, which will put me on track to hit most of the ratios (and at least they are moving in the right direction…).

I also apparently have higher than average blood pressure which was news to me, given how relaxed I usually am at work even when things are busy, but nothing to be overly concerned with at the moment, so I will see how that pans out. Maybe more chances to go swimming at this time of year will help restore my zen abilities.

On the positive sides, the work I am putting in on the road is clearly paying off, and even at this relatively early stage in the reason my RHR & VO2 (assuming I worked it out correctly) put me in a pretty high fitness bracket, which should be useful for some of the three hour+ races I have coming up, meaning there is a reasonable chance I will make it around the course. And pleased to see it looks like I will be safe to continue my daily rush hour commute into Birmingham, although I will keep taking the stairs to the office rather than the lift just in case!


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