April Round Up: 447 km


Another month gone, another target smashed!

At 447 km, April has been the best so far this year, making up over 125% of the monthly goal and giving me a bit of breathing space ahead of target for the year. It also marks the end of the build up phase, leading up to around 80 km per week on the bike and 10 km running. The improved weather has also helped, as has my new rules on outdoor swimming, which added a lot more distance in the water, and I am now ready for phase two which kicks off in a couple of weeks with race season…

So where does this put me in the Chile Challenge? Well after 1500 km so far I am finally in the Northern regions of Patagonia, stopping off in the beautiful town of Puerto Varas. This is the heart of the Chilean Lake District, home to crystal clear glacial waters edged by forests and snow capped volcanoes, as demonstrated in the below photo.

Puerto 3

This is also a fantastic part of the world for sport, and perhaps the ideal location for the Chile Challenge – perfect (although very cold) waters to swim in, clear pathways to cycle and loads to see on foot. There is even more opportunity to do a quadrathlon by kayaking the lake, or something totally different swinging through the forest canopies (as I am doing on the left!)

.Patagonia SwingIMG_1085


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