Now it is reasonable weather I have managed to start running outside properly, being able to get a reasonable distance from the house with only a small risk of things turning from sun into monsoon at the drop of a hat.

I have lived in this town for over half a decade now, but only recently realised that other than the well driven road to work, I barely know it at all. Those of you who run will know that it really is the best way to explore an area properly: getting into areas cars cannot pass; nipping up and down cul-de-sacs to find hidden pathways; and trying to work out short cuts, that inevitably result in you having to double back on yourself as you come to a dead end.

For some reason in the last few weeks though, I have been seeing strange vehicles in my town. Not Ferraris or anything like that, but an assortment of customised or even homemade coches that you would not expect somewhere like here.

Exhibit A is probably fairly well known in the area as it can be well seen from one of the busiest roads leading out of town, but last week was the first time I was able to get a good (read nosey) look when I ran past. Now one of these on their own would be strange, but these people have three, yes three Creme-Egg-Mobiles! We are quite near the Cadbury HQ, so I have to assume they have some sort of work based link to them, but I would really like to know how they landed these bad boys:

Creme egg car

Exhibit 2, strangely, is probably the most normal of this set. I saw this parked up, casual as you like, on the loop back from seeing the Egg Van. Not only was it a three wheeler, but fully pained up yellow, with the Fools & Horses signage and so on. To be fair it looked great (NB the ones above and below were not the ones I saw, I will have to try and get my own photos and update this). I am not sure how practical it would be to drive, maintain, and even make it over the speed bumps in the next road over (which makes me think of the classic episode where Rodney has a Bullitt style car chase with some villain or other) but it sure looks great:

Del Boy Van

Exhibit D was the final straw today, another one which crept up on me whilst trying to find new short cuts on the way home. Of course, it is a homemade Ninja Turtle Van. I really could not believe this one, so a quick search online revealed that four guys (heroes!) had made it in the last few weeks to take part in a rally in Prague at the end of May, so who knows how famous it could become if they do well:

Turtle Van 2

So there you have it. I will be keeping an eye out over the rest of the year, so might even be able to update this is I see any more along my travels.


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