Grid Foam Roller

In my last report I mentioned that my leg muscles were hurting a bit more than usual after the race, and it turn out I must have pulled a hamstring, as 6 days later I can still feel it. Unfortunately that has meant that after training in some shape or form for 10 days out of 12 in the first half of this month, I have now been on self-enforced rest since Monday. I had planned on getting back into the swing of things today, but still having a few twinges combined with fact it has been the hottest day of the year put a stop to that.

I am not used to being sidelined through injury, and can only really remember a couple of occasions in my sporting career where I classed myself as being unable to train. Quite impressive seeing as I have endured 11 seasons of rugby and 4 years of ninjustu where we kicked the crap out of each other three times a week, and the last few years of triathlon racing. My most notable incident to date was my last ever rugby match in the 2000 season where I did my neck in playing in the front row, and had to have a crash-for-cash style neck brace for a few days, which I was far too embarrassed to actually wear around uni campus!

I am not exactly sure when I actually managed to do the damage last week, without any particular ‘snapping’ moment to pinpoint, but suspect it was somewhere on one of the hills into a headwind, and probably not helped by the run afterwards. To be honest I probably did not warm up as much as I should, not helped by the relatively early drive to the event for the start, but it has taught me a bit of a lesson to make sure I stretch properly for the upcoming events.

It has put me a bit down though, as this is the longest I have gone so far in 2014 without getting some training in. I know people say if they work out a lot and then go a few days without you start to get cravings – for the endorphins I guess – and it really is true. At the moment all I can think  of is knocking off a 50k bike ride or good long swim outside.

In an effort to cheer myself up I have bought some more training toys: First up is a bright orange ‘Grid’ foam roller, to help stretch out my muscles after long sessions. I already own a ‘stick’ style roller, which is ok for certain parts of the body but does not really go deep, and having used the Grid at the gym enough times it seemed about time to get one myself to try and use regularly. I know some people say you can get good results with a tennis ball, but to be honest that would not really get me as excited, although I will give it a go at some point soon.

Other purchases included some Under Armour compression shorts to try and help with the hammies – I already own a set of Compresssport calf guards which do the job further down pretty well, so look forward to seeing how these work. Lastly being a real geek, I got a book called Triathlon Science (to go with my already owned Triathlon Anatomy) as I like to research the theory behind the sport to try and best avoid this sort of thing in future. I have also made sure I have been taking on plenty of protein for the body – most notably an awesome BBQ coming up in the next half hour…

So armed with new kit, clothing, equipment, books and nutrition I expect a full recovery by tomorrow, and lets see if I can start racking up some more mikes again!



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