The Best Laid Schemes…

I know I said yesterday I was looking to get in a good few hours on the bike today, but in the end it did not happen for two reasons. Firstly my leg still did not feel right in the morning; and secondly the weather was just too nice! Those reading from sunnier climes may not understand this, but we only get weekends like this a few times a year in the UK, so you need to make the most of them.

And making the most of it this morning meant some fairly vague pottering in the garden whilst my wife put in 90 minutes hard labour doing a fantastic job washing the motors (two coats of wax Biff, don’t con me!), followed by some tough lying in the sun. To be honest I would have helped but am not allowed to touch her car! After 5 months where just about every Sunday has been spent racking up miles on the bike or on foot, a bit of recharging was well earned.

Pool Buoy

That said, you can never keep a Chile Challenger down, and by this evening I felt up to some training, and what started out as a quick dip to test out the legs, turned into a full on 2 km blast in the outdoor pool. It also gave me a great chance to get in a longer version of my favourite pool session, using the pool buoy (the funny shaped float that goes between your legs) to minimise the effort going through my hamstrings. For those who are into this sort of thing the session is not the easiest to explain but goes:

  1. 10 laps front crawl warm up
  2. 2 x laps front float leg kicks
  3. 4 x 2 laps pool buoy, alternating position at thighs & ankles
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for as long as needed
  5. 10 laps front crawl cool down

Usually I do this in 1  or 1.5 km blocks, but as mentioned it seemed a perfect fit for today as I was trying to minimise the strain on my lower body, and felt good enough to keep going. It also suits my triathlon swimming style, which is very upper body. I am sure the elites manage to do a better job of kicking hard to get some extra speed going, but given that the rest of the race involves heavy use of the old legs in the bike & run, I like to keep them as fresh as sensible in the longer events to avoid collapsing before getting half-way through. But anyway, the good news is everything seemed to hold up well, and fingers crossed will be back to 100% next week.


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