Jungle Training

A different sort of workout to write about today. Rather than our usual desk job, a group of us were fortunate enough to be able to spend today helping out on a clean up op on the Birmingham canals. Whilst this might not sound the most glamorous of jobs, it was actually a great chance to do something different and even useful for the local area. Obviously a further benefit was some good old fashioned hard work to add to the Chile Challenge!

Preadator Jungle

And hard work it was. My unit of five brave adventurers were tasked with clearing a path through what I can only describe as dense jungle. I am talking about the sort of orders that even Arnie’s special forces team from Predator might have thought twice about, particularly without their equipment. So for a job which would have been best done using those massive jungle cutting tanks that Indy fights in the Crystal Skull, we instead used our bare hands. Well with gloves, but nothing else. Bear Grylls would have been proud!

In true US style, we split the day into three quarters, each of around 90 minutes, so all in all we probably worked for a good four hours. Definitely more than the average person manages in a day at my place. Most of the work involved pulling up some sort of bamboo style weeds, and after a morning of clearing a tree canopy covered area, the afternoon was al fresco, working in a more open field and covering a good 50 x 10 yard area. Fortunately after a fairly cloudy start to the day, the sun was out for our later adventures which was nice, although I fully expect to find myself with a proper red neck tomorrow.

To be honest, I have been trying to taper my training this week – what with the massive race on Sunday – so my main concern for the day was not nobbling myself. This was particularly important after my last work based event, the football match I reported on earlier this month, which despite being billed as a ‘friendly’ saw me limping a week later from overstretching and generally enthusiast defending.

There was plenty of opportunity for twisting ankles (might not sound much but try doing a half marathon with one!), getting hit in the face by stray branches, or any number of miscellaneous injuries available. Fortunately we came out alive, victorious and unscathed, with just the scars of nettle stings on exposed parts of the body – which actually do hurt a lot more than I remember from when I was younger…

So, another day down, something useful contributed to society, and just four more to go now until the Avenger!

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