July Round Up: 375 km

Now I am finally past the half-way mark the miles are really starting to fly by!

After a few tough months to follow, with the Avenger and Stratford Triathlons, I managed to complete my third in a row in July, crawling up and down the Peak District hills to really test my legs and prove the others had not just been a fluke. I also managed to add some variety, with a bit of Scuba Diving at Stoney Cove to complete my Deep Diver certification, and also attended my first Spin Class (even managing to not be the only bloke there)!

As usual the majority of distance this month came on the bike (just over two thirds) but I managed a fairly even split of the rest of my training, helped out by a couple of good late evening swims in the last few days.

In terms of the Challenge, the first stop after Santiago is the world famous Valparaiso, followed by its sister Vina Del Mar just down the coast. Valparaiso is Chile’s second city, with a population of around 300,000, and is home to the Chilean Congress and even the

Valparaiso ValparaisoFun

It is a spectacular harbour city, with brightly coloured houses built at zany angles into the hillside around the bay, visited on the spectacular funiculars which those of you who have seen the excellent ‘Motorcycle Diaries’ film may recognise. It is also seen as Chile’s cultural capital, and in 2003 was made a Unesco World Heratige Site (yes, I know I sound like the tourist board but it is a pretty big thing!).

VinaVina Map

Just up the coast is Vina Del Mar, aka the Vineyard of the Sea (yes, I also speak some Spanish, just don’t ask me to translate San Diago). Although less well known than Valparaiso City due to the fact that is also the name of the whole region, Vina is actually slightly larger in population, and a place that grows substantially in the warmer months with holiday makers, due to its lush beaches.

More importantly, Vina is also our first stop on our upcoming Chilean Road Trip, which is temporarily taking over from the Chile Challenge, and I will be there in less than 72 hours from now, so keep an eye out for some more exciting pictures coming soon!


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