August Round Up: 126 km

After seven pretty intensive months so far this year, August was something of a rest & recovery time for the Chile Challenge.


The main reason of course, was a certain 2000 km road trip through Chile, and with long days spent driving and a lack of baggage allowance for training kit there was not a huge amount of scope to train, and as a result mileage was well down on usual (As an aside from there, what do people with the metric system say for mileage, as kilometerage does not really flow?)

But anyway, training first. I managed to get in at least one session of each discipline during the month: a 50 km bike ride, a great early morning 10 km run over the weekend, and even a quick dip in the (freezing cold) pool in the Chilean desert. As mentioned I did also get in a lot of walking / hiking too (including another Rocky III run on the beach) which made up the rest, but suffice to say it was a good thing I had been expecting this and had a few extra miles in the bag from previous months to still be on track.

I had been a bit worried about loosing too much fitness from this lack of training, but having had a few training sessions since returning things seem to be ok so far…

Pisco Map 2 Pisco Map

In terms of where this places me year-to-date: well after leaving Vina & Valpo the next stage was to head north up the coast to the seaside town of La Serena, and then real subtle-like turn right, towards the Andes and in particular the Elqui Valley. Although slightly out the way, this is a worthy detour for anyone traveling through the country – not only for the spectacular scenery, stargazing and temperate climate – but chiefly for Pisco!

For anyone who has not come across this before, Pisco is the national drink of Chile, a brandy of sorts produced from grapes which are grown in this part of the country. It tastes awesome, and during our time here we managed to visit 4 distilleries in 24 hours – quite possible another reason for the lower volume of training…


So we are not two-thirds through the challenge, and the same distance through this longest of nations. Next month will see training pick up, and the final triathlon of the season, and the next exciting stop along the way in Chile!




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