I’m Ron Burgundy?

Although the triathlons and races may be complete for this year, the Chile Challenge still lives on with around 500 more kilometres to complete by Christmas. Fundraising has gone really well beyond my initial expectations, currently standing at £775, and will be over £1000 once I can fund match some of it through my generous employer.

But as with all things there is always room for more, so in a somewhat vain (that word probably has more than one meaning here!) attempt to get a few more sponsors before I reach the end, I have resorted to crossing into another charity’s territory – the Movember ‘tash.

As someone whose only previous experience with facial hair was a misguided attempt at a goatee during my first term at uni over a decade ago, I am slightly surprised anything has actually grown at all. I will admit that the first test was not telling my work colleagues what I was doing, and apart from the odd few, it took the best part of  a week before anyone realised…

But now I am nearly halfway into this venture it seems to be coming along ok. In fact if anything there seems to be an alarming consensus that I am turning into Ron Burgundy, to the extent that both my work colleagues and my own wife has started calling me Ron. I will let you be the judge below, but it may only be a matter of time before I start purchasing rambunctiously coloured suits and dusting off the jazz flute.

Ron Burgundy Tache


Keep an eye out for any more updates as the month goes on, and feel free to visit my sponsorship page. Until next time, Stay Classy.



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