The Final Countdown

This is it: the final stretch. After 11 months of hard work, it has all come down to the final 220 kilometres. As I said earlier, leaving this – the exact distance of an iron distance triathlon – was certainly not planned, but has turned out to be one of those happy accidents, giving me a great target for my final month to ensure I keep going.

Final Countdown

Until now I have been using a variety of different means to build up my miles for the Chile Challenge, in fact if anything I have been trying to use as many as possible, firstly to add some variety and ensure I don’t get bored, and secondly in an effort to improve my all round fitness. This has seen me doing all sorts of things, from scuba diving to country dancing and various different gym classes along the way.

I have also tried various tricks to try to add some balance to my training and ensure I don’t get too one-sided, as it would be easier to achieve this distance on the bike. This led to me adding a multiplier to count each kilometre I ran as three, and those completed in the pool as five.


But now the end is in sight I am going old school, back to basics, and laying down a final challenge for myself. An Ironman in the final month! Just to clarify, I am not going to do an actual Ironman, as it would be a bit late to enter and I don’t have time. But I will be doing the equivalent for my final 220 km, with no distractions from golfing, surfing, or whatever else I have been counting this year. So this will be at least:

  • 5 km Swimming
  • 175 km Cycling
  • 40 km Running

To kick things off with I have just done a 15 km run, so am already well on the way to doing this. In fact it could have been more had my GPS watch not died after 4.5 km, followed by my back-up phone after 14.5 km, and fearing I was probably next for the chop I thought it would be best to head home! Lesson learned – charge your gadgets… But other than that it was a solid start to the final month, so here is to the other 205 kilometres!


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