An Evening Well Spent

Tonight is my wife’s first work Christmas do (of two), which means I have the evening all to myself. So naturally I have done what all married guys in this position would do: a marathon session at the gym (or is that just me?)

Given the roads seem to be getting busier (at least that is the excuse I used) I left nice and early, and managed to get in a quick 10 km bike session before my weekly spin class. I know I have been talking about this a lot recently, but it really has been one of the revelations for me this year, and I can really feel the benefits.

Towards the end of last week’s class, our coach mentioned she would be throwing in some Tabata training this week, which given by that time most of our senses (hearing, sight, movement…) had shut down by then, no one thought to question. Now I have never actually heard of this, but it turns out to be a bit of a killer.


Although it was only one track in the session, it was essentially one really long climb on the bike, with gears getting increasingly tougher all the way through in 8 separate stages. The image above says it all. Basically instead of interval sprints, it was hill sprints. The soundtrack was also a little different, in that it had a robotic woman (possibly the same one you get in sat-navs) who kept telling you to speed up, then slow down, etc. Like I said, a bit strange, but great for legs. Needless to say I loved it.

Following what was a pretty tough session, I decided to put in a bit more on the bike (from the look of concern I got from the coach I may be in trouble here, as she was clearly worried I was still able to walk, let alone carry on racing), and seemed to put in an unbelievable 30 km in under 45 mins (evidence below). Now given this put me at an average of over 40 kph when I am normally closer to 30 this might be a bit out, but I will take it regardless!


In an attempt to really finish myself off I thought I would put in a final 40 lengths in the pool. I have no idea where I got the energy tonight, particularly after a full day’s work (despite what my colleagues might say to the contrary) but even after I finished tonight I still felt really energised, The only thing I can think of was hearing a bit of Steel Panther on Radio 1 this morning, which really pumped me up to the extent that had I not been in my work stuff i would have started running, but that feeling must have lasted all day.

After all that, it was time for the other thing men do after a good workout: a protein bomb, aka KFC and a large milkshake, willingly assisted by my cat Logan (on the chicken not the drink!). I think the 1570 kcals is contained probably cancelled out what I burned off tonight, but that is not the point. For a minute I felt slightly uncomfortable dropping in straight after the gym in my tracksuit, but needn’t have worried as it turned out everyone else in there was dressed in the same way, so I fitted right in…

Even now I still feel strangely over energised although I will probably pass out with exhaustion any minute; maybe it will be time for round two tomorrow!


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