December Round Up: 280 km

This is it: my final post of 2014 and more importantly the finish line for the Chile Challenge!

After 52 unbelievably tough weeks of training, and five different races ranging from sprint to half-iron distance triathlons, I have finally reached the end of my journey. It has been a fantastic experience which has raised over £1500 for charity, and I can honestly say I have loved every part of it!

Finish Line

As for this month, I have previously mentioned that by some miracle I had left myself exactly 220 km to cover to achieve my goal of 4,270 km for the year – the exact length of Chile from tip to top – and in true Ironman tradition I wanted to split this evenly. So I ended up doing 5 kilometres (200 lengths) in the pool, 175 km on the bike, and 40 km on foot (just to be clear this was not all on the same day…)

Amazingly I actually managed this within the first couple of weeks, so have been able to spend the remainder of Christmas relatively subdued, with just (it has reached the point where I can get away with the word ‘just’ for this) a 50 km bike session and a few long walks to make up the extra – I wanted to exceed the target a bit just in case I later discovered the border was a bit further than I thought, after all Chile does have previous in pushing their border north. Actually, best to least it there…

Arica CalamaArica

In terms of the geography, the final leg of my virtual journey took me from Calama in the middle of the Atacama desert, through Iquique (with its fantastic surf beaches) and onto the border town of Arica. From there it is literally a stone’s throw to Peru, and the finish line!

Peru Border


So that is it – the end of the Chile Challenge – but just like Rocky movies, there will be a sequel next year! What it will be is still under wraps (read I have not decided yet) but I have hinted a few times about Ironman 70.3, so this will by no means be the end of this blog.

In the meantime thank you to everyone who has followed me online and supported the Challenge, I hope you all have a very Happy New Year.


One thought on “December Round Up: 280 km

  1. Well done Jim, it’s been great reading the blog all year and look forward to seeing what happens in 2015. Happy New Year.

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