The Chile Challenge by Numbers

Just when you thought it was not possible to squeeze anything more out of last year’s posts, they pull me back in with an email from the WordPress admin team with loads of facts and figures on what I have written over the last 12 months. Now I am a sucker for statistics, so I though I would share some of the content of this email with you, along with a few numbers of my own from 2014 (and screenshots of my tracking spreadsheet):

Chile Challenge

  • 4330 – Total distance covered (in kilometres)
  • 176 – Recorded Training Sessions, taking 208 hours
  • 17 – Different activities measured (ranging from Skipping to Scuba Diving)
  • 0 – Units of alcohol consumed in January
  • 5 Days – Before anyone at work noticed I was doing Movember..!



  • 10,200 – Lengths swum (in equivalent 25m pool)
  • 104 – Hours spent in a bike saddle (with average speed 27.5 kph)
  • 800,000 – Strides completed (average stride length of 90 cm)
  • 63.02 – 30 km bike PB in January                   53.19 – 30 km bike PB in December
  • 65 BPM – Resting Heart Rate in January     50 BPM – Resting Heart Rate in December


  • 5 – Number of distance races completed in the 4 years before 2014…
  • 5 – Number of races completed in 2014 alone!
  • 66 – Race number in the Stratford Triathlon (clickety-click)
  • 7.54.57 – Finishing time for the Avenger Triathlon, the main event of the year
  • 8,500m – Continuous of the hill climb in the Peak Triathlon
  • 8,055 out of 20,000 – Finishing place in Birmingham Half Marathon

Spreadsheet 2


  • 95 – Posts written
  • 870 – Website hits from…
  • 22 different countries around the world
  • 33 – Subscribers to blog (to prove it is not just my Mum reading it!)
  • 317 – Pictures included (thank you to everyone who donated via Google Images)


  • £1750 – Amount raised for Bobby Moore Fund Charity (including Gift Aid & Fund Matching)
  • 27 – Sponsors from family, friends and colleagues
  • if you want to add to this

On that note thank you so much again to everyone who sponsored me, it has really meant a lot and helped me get through the Challenge!


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