That Difficult Second Album

Today is one of the most important days in my training calendar, as after what seems like the longest winter in ages, the clocks have finally returned to a sensible time. It is now light enough to get in some proper training in the evening after work, and with any luck should warm up a bit too which always helps with the motivation to get outside!

Spring Forward clock

That is not to say I have not been training in the last six months or so – In fact far from it, as in an effort to improve my weakest triathlon area (well the one I can improve most anyway) I have been going spinning classes at least twice a week since October, and have even thrown in some weight sessions after so much focus on distance last year. Although I have consciously decided not to track these in as much detail as before with the spreadsheet and so on, when I checked my gym account earlier today I had been 32 times so far this year, so adding on the other outdoor training I have done I am still on for a session every other day.

I have however realised that I have not written many posts, and have self-diagnosed myself with Difficult Second Album Syndrome. For those not in the know, this is the problem faced by many bands who have a fantastic debut album, and then struggle to recapture the magic in their follow-up. Last year I completed a quite frankly insane amount of training sessions, competed in five different races, covered over 4000 km and wrote 100 blog entries. On the other hand this might by my fifth post of the year on here, but I guess it is just not that exciting to talk about the same indoor bike sessions week in week out.

In fairness it is still early doors, as I have Ironman 70.3 coming up (in just 10 weeks) as well as some other fun to look forward to, so I guess the message here is that the first quarter this year has been lots of grafting to build up a fitness platform and maintain my fitness  levels. From today onwards the real training begins…



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