Ignoring the Voices

Reading my blog back for a change, I seem to write a fair amount of posts on here which involve staying at some sort of hotel / venue for work / holiday and getting up far too early in the morning for a run.

So rather than break with tradition, today’s entry is for the exact same thing!

This one involved me staying at a conference centre in the middle of the countryside, not too far from Warwick in the Midlands,  on a two-day course which involved a dinner / drinks / stay over in the middle. Needless to say we made the most of the hospitality on offer (as one does on these things) and it was a fairly late night.

The next morning I found myself woken up at a far-too-early seeming hour, and looked down in alarm at the kit bag I had brought along in the usual expectation I would be hitting the trails first-thing. Worse still, I had a vague memory of telling just about everyone I met the night before that I would be getting up to do this, despite their laughter and assurances there was no way it was going to happen.

The next thing I knew I had one of those angel / devil moments in my head, where I subconsciously went through the arguments for and against getting out of bed for a nice cold September morning run. As far as I can remember it went something like this…

Peter Griffin Angel Devil


  • Aghh, it’s too early in the morning – It’s 6.45 on a Tuesday, you are usually up by now for work anyway
  • You only went to bed a few hours ago – You can sleep again tonight!
  • The bed is nice and warm – You are going to have to get up at some point, and a run will keep you warm
  • You are not in any condition to run – Yes, last night may have involved half a bottle of merlot and a bucket of Coronas, but you need to make up for it somehow!
  • You don’t have enough time for a long run – 20 minutes is better than nothing at all…
  • There is going to be nowhere around here to run – That’s fine, just loop around the grounds a few times
  • It is raining outside – If you run properly you will end up dripping wet anyway
  • Your running kit will be wet all day – So what else is new?
  • You are starving hungry – What better way to prepare for a cooked breakfast?
  • No one will even know if you don’t do it – I will…
  • Are you really sure about this? – Damn right I am!

Leamington hotel

So next thing I knew I was creeping my way around the hotel to find my way into the grounds, trying not to stumble into doorways and wake up my colleagues. Sadly my fears that the surrounding area would not quite be as exotic as I would have liked turned out to be true, resulting in me having to run three 1 km loops of a field at the front of the building (see picture above).

Furthermore, it turned out to be raining a bit more than I had thought, meaning the grass was fairly saturated so there were plenty of puddles & rabbit holes to test out my socks & ankles, as well as my patience, but I made it around without too much hassle in the end.

Yes, it was a tough run, in fairly poor conditions and a ropey area, but as I said above, going for any run is better than not going for a run, and I am starting to realise I must enjoy it a bit more than I let on, otherwise there is no way I could drag myself out for something like this. So here is to plenty more early morning runs to write about in the coming year!


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